David Edwards
Department of Psychology, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa
Professor Emeritus
Department of Psychology
Faculty of Humanities
Rhodes University
Eastern Cape
South Africa
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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Volume 3, edition 1 (November 2003): Mythic and Theoretic Aspects of the Concept of ‘The Unconscious’ in Popular and Psychological Discourse

Volume 5, edition 1 (April 2005): Unconscious Influences on Discourses about Consciousness: Ideology, State-Specific Science and Unformulated Experience

Volume 13, edition 2 (October 2013): From Panic Disorder to Complex Traumatic Stress Disorder: Retrospective Reflections on the Case of Tariq

Volume 14, edition 1 (May 2014): A Phenomenological Case Study of the Therapeutic Impact of Imagery: Rescripting of Memories of a Rape and Episodes of Childhood Abuse and Neglect (co-authored with Anita Padmanabhanunni)

Volume 14, edition 2 (October 2014): Interpretative reflections on Nomzi's story (co-authored with Manton Hirst and Beauty Booi)

Volume 14, edition 2 (October 2014): Becoming a Xhosa healer: Nomzi's story (co-authored with Beauty Booi)

Volume 15, edition 1 (May 2015): BOOK REVIEW - Caring and well-being: A lifeworld approach (by Kathleen Galvin and Les Todres]


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