Ron Valle
Awakening: A Center for Exploring Living and Dying, Brentwood, USA
Awakening: A Center for Exploring Living and Dying
Brentwood, California


Professor: Integrated Therapy for Chronic Pain, Stress, and Trauma
American School of Professional Psychology
Argosy University
San Francisco Bay Area
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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Professor Valle is currently a Director of 'Awakening: A Center for Exploring Living and Dying' and the 'Awakening Retreat Center' where he has served on a voluntary basis since 1992. He has worked with those dying and grieving since 1982. A long-time practitioner and teacher of meditation, Ron developed an Integrated Therapy Program for transforming stress and pain while serving as co-director of an outpatient university hospital pain clinic.

Professor, counsellor, supervisor and author, Ron has published six books and over 50 papers, having also facilitated more than 80 workshops and symposia during his lengthy academic and professional career spanning almost 35 years. As a licensed psychologist, he specializes in clients with chronic pain and stress-related disorders, and has worked extensively with individuals and their families facing a life-threatening diagnosis. Dr Valle has, over the course of his professional career, been closely associated as founder and/or director of several prestigious national centers including the 'Center for the Development of Consciousness and Personal Growth' and the 'Holistic Center of Pittsburgh', both based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has served as an adjunct faculty member at various academies of higher learning including the 'Graduate School of Consciousness Studies' at JFK University, the 'Institute of Transpersonal Psychology', Saybrook Institute, the 'California Institute of Integral Studies', San Jose State University, Sacramento State University, and Argosy University. He was also a member of the editorial board of 'ReVision; A Journal of Knowledge and Consciousness' for a five year period.

Dr Valle has authored and edited several books, amongst them being 'Existential-Phenomenological Alternatives for Psychology' (with Mark King, 1978, Oxford University Press); 'The Metaphors of Consciousness' (with Rolf von Eckartsberg, 1981, 1989, Plenum Press); 'Existential-Phenomenological Perspectives in Psychology' (1989, with Steen Halling, Plenum Press); 'Phenomenological Inquiry: Existential and Transpersonal Dimensions' (1998, Plenum Press); and, most recently, 'Opening to Dying and Grieving: A Sacred Journey' (with Mary Mohs, 2006, Yes International Publishers).

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