Rex van Vuuren (Advisor to the Board)
Professor Emeritus of Psychology (St Augustine College), South Africa
Professor Emeritus of Psychology
Clinical Psychologist
South Africa
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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

In 1999 Professor Rex van Vuuren left the University of Pretoria after spending 26 years in the Department of Psychology to take up the position of Academic Dean at St Augustine College of SA (a private higher education institution).

Besides serving on the management team of St Augustine College as Academic Dean, Rex engaged in the teaching of psychology to undergraduate students and the supervision of several Master's and Doctoral candidates of the College.

Rex's academic interests have always been grounded in existential-phenomenological and hermeneutic approaches, and his teaching topics have tended to be at the interface of disciplines such as psychology and spirituality; psychology and family and gender ethics; educational leadership and spirituality; and qualitative research methods.

Rex retired from St Augustine College of SA at the end of 2013, after having served as Academic Dean for 14 years, during which he saw several generations of students graduating from the College.

Over his extended academic career, Rex has published widely and presented papers at both national and international conferences.

Professor van Vuuren continues with a focussed range of academic teaching and scholarly interests, and regularly engages with quality assurance assessments for the South African Council on Higher Education. Recently, he completed a chapter for a book in Afrikaans on “the existential challenges of retirement - separating the wheat from the chaff.”

Professor van Vuuren is registered with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa as both a Clinical Psychologist and Research Psychologist, and he runs a part-time psychotherapy practice.

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