Sally Borbasi (Advisor to the Board)
Honourary Professor, The Australian Catholic University and Flinders University, Australia
Honourary Professor

Flinders University
Adelaide (South Australia)
The Australian Catholic University
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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Professor Sally Borbasi is an academic with over 30 years of experience in nursing education, during which time she has co-ordinated and taught many programmes at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels at several universities in Australia, including the University of Sydney (NSW), the University of Adelaide, Flinders University (Adelaide, South Australia), and Griffith University (Logan campus) in Queensland. In June 2010 Sally was appointed to the position of Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching (Faculty of Health Sciences) at the Australian Catholic University (Brisbane campus).

During her many years as an academic, Sally has been involved in a number of qualitative and quantitative research projects, having developed particular expertise in qualitative methodology, particularly phenomenology, having thus supervised many postgraduate students in their research degrees.

Professor Borbasi has served on a number of editorial boards, in addition to being a reviewer for a broad range of scholarly journals. Moreover, she has written numerous reports arising from her research projects on a range of health related topics which have resulted in a number of publications both in refereed journals and book chapters.

She is co-editor of a research text for undergraduate nurses that is in its 4th edition and has been invited on a regular basis to speak on research matters at differing forums both within and outside of academe, her particular strength being phenomenology and nursing.

 Sally has published largely in the fields of acute care; aged care and disability but has diversified her research projects as opportunities arise.

In the latter stages of her career Professor Borbasi moved into the field of learning and teaching (at ACU) and has been involved in a range of projects focusing on the enhancement of the quality of learning and teaching, including research exploring the English language proficiency of international students.

Professor Borbasi retired from full-time academic work in 2015 and holds honorary positions at the Australian Catholic University (Brisbane, Queensland) as well as at Flinders University (Adelaide, South Australia)

Professor Borbasi is an advisor to the journal and its Editorial Board.

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