Stuart Devenish
School of Ministry, Theology and Culture, Tabor College, Adelaide, Australia
Director of Postgraduate Studies
School of Ministry, Theology and Culture
Tabor College
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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Dr Devenish commenced as Director of Postgraduate Studies at 'Tabor Adelaide' in early 2014.

Tabor Adelaide is a learning community in the Christian tradition which offers a wide range of courses in Christian bible, theology and cultural studies; teacher training; youth and social work; counselling; creative writing and the humanities. Stuart oversees a programme of teaching and research at the Master's and Doctoral levels in the School of Ministry, Theology and Culture at Tabor.

Stuart has wide interests as a scholar, and has taught in the disciplines of theology, missiology, and spirituality. His PhD research was engaged with transformative experience arising out of the human person in the Divine presence, using phenomenology as his method.

He has presented papers at academic conferences in South Africa, the Czech Republic, Australia, and New Zealand.

Several recent publications are:

Darren Cronshaw & Stuart Devenish, 'The Continuing Conversion of the Australian Church: A Missional Conversation with Darrell Guder.' In: Pacifica, Australasian Theological Studies, March 2014.

Maureen Miner, Martin Dowson & Stuart Devenish (Eds.), 'Beyond Well-Being: Spirituality and Human Flourishing'. (Charlotte N.C.: Information Age Press, 2012).

Stuart Devenish. 'Seeing and Believing: The Eye of Faith in a Visual Culture'. (Eugene, OR.: Wipf & Stock, 2012).

Dr Devenish was the founding Executive Secretary for the IPJP in its infancy.

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