Philip Greenway
Counselling and Clinical Psychologist, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Counselling and Clinical Psychologist
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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Dr Philip Greenway obtained his MA (Hons Psych) from the University of Edinburgh (Scotland) and his doctorate (Doct én Psych) from Louvain University (Belgium). While at Louvain, Phil studied with Georges Thinés, and it was this scholastic engagement that introduced him to the field of phenomenological psychology. He subsequently developed a long term interest in philosophical psychology, especially that originating from the ideas of Husserl, Binswanger and Heidegger.

As an academic psychologist, Dr Greenway taught in the broad areas of psychology and counselling, while his research interests spanned the fields of personality assessment and counselling, as well as spiritual and transpersonal experience, in addition to phenomenological psychology.

It was during his many years as an academic at Monash University (Melbourne, Australia) that Phil began to study the relationship of the unconscious to the conscious and in this matter, holds the fundamental tenet that, ultimately, reality is personal but with no self. In dreams and hypnotic states, for example, the conscious and unconscious are intimately connected, as has been frequently demonstrated in clinical practice. Additionally, this theoretical approach inevitably leads to the transpersonal sphere, as often evidenced in regression and related therapeutic practises. Pursuing this interest subsequently lead Phil into studying Buddhism and the Hindu tradition, especially as illustrated in Sri Aurobindo’s writings.

Phil was a member of the ‘British Society for Phenomenology’ and is a member of the ‘Counselling and Clinical Colleges of the Australian Psychological Society’.

Dr Greenway is in clinical practice and continues to read prolifically.

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