Chris Milton
Jungian Analyst, Auckland, New Zealand
President: Australian and New Zealand Society of Jungian Analysts (ANZSJA)
Training Analyst and Clinical Psychologist (Private Practice)
New Zealand
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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Dr Chris Milton is a Jungian Analyst and Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Auckland, New Zealand.

Currently devoting most of his time to adult analysis and supervision of clinicians, he has previously worked psychotherapeutically with adults as well as with children, adolescents and their families in both the private and public sectors.

Apart from his clinical and analytical work, he has taught, examined and supervised in psychiatry, clinical psychology, psychoanalysis and analytical psychology in both institute and university settings. He has published and presented in the areas of infant mental health, psychoanalytic processes and the cultural complex.

Dr Milton is interested in the phenomenology of psychoanalytic processes, particularly the definition of analysis, the ambience and aesthetics of the analytic encounter and shifts in analytic focus. He also maintains an interest in spirituality and transpersonal psychology, especially “spiritual technologies” and transpersonal experience.

Dr Milton is President of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Jungian Analysts (ANZSJA) as well as a Training Analyst. He was previously appointed a founder member of the Psychotherapists Board of Aotearoa New Zealand on which he served for over three years.

Dr Milton is a Professional Member of the Royal Society of New Zealand (the purpose of which is to advance and promote science, technology and the humanities in New Zealand). He also serves on the IAAP Effectiveness Research Working Party which seeks to select and make available to the IAAP membership research papers on the effectiveness of depth psychology theoretical approach and clinical technique.

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