Bruce Bradfield (Editorial Board member)
Clinical Psychologist, Cape Town, South Africa
Clinical Psychologist
Private Practice
Cape Town
South Africa
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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Volume 2, edition 1 (April 2002): Mental Illness and the Conciousness of Freedom: The Phenomenology of Psychiatric Labelling

Volume 3, edition 1 (November 2003): The Experience of Being Diagnosed with a Psychiatric Disorder: Living the Label (co-authored with Zelda Knight)

Volume 7, edition 1 (May, 2007): Examining the Lived World: The Place of Phenomenology in Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology

Volume 14, edition 2 (October 2014): BOOK REVIEW - Darkening Scandinavia: Four postmodern pagan essays (by Francisc-Norbert Örmény, 2013)

Volume 16, combined editions 1 & 2 (October 2016): BOOK REVIEW - Psychotherapy for the Other: Levinas and the Face-to-Face Relationship (edited by Kevin C. Krycka, George Kunz, & George G. Sayre, 2015)

Dr Bruce Bradfield is a member of the Editorial Board

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