StormThis section of the journal is reserved for submissions which, having been accepted on the basis of peer-review and revised accordingly if required, are considered by the Editor-in-Chief upon the request of the author(s) to warrant fast-track release prior to scheduled publication in view of the nature of the paper's content in respect of socio-political events, cultural upheavals and changes, paradigm shifts and so on, such that immediate public accessiblity is desirable.

Although papers in this section have been accepted for future release in the journal, they do not, until published in a specific volume, carry the IPJP banner and neither do they have the two-column page style. Moreover, while having been subjected to a preliminary edit and format, they will not yet have been worked on by the journal's Language and Copy Editor to ensure a thorough and meticulous editing process, and so consequently will be watermarked with the words "Pre-publication Release - IPJP". The date of final publication in a specific volume and edition is not usually specified.

By contrast, if a paper carries the IPJP banner, has the ISSN and has the usual two-column page style, then it can be deemed to be the final Version of Record (Final VoR) as it is considered by the publisher to be the definitive, corrected and final work of the author.

It is essential to note that the appearance of any papers in this section does not in any way whatsoever imply or suggest that their academic and scientific worthiness is greater or outweighs that of papers not so handled.


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